Conservatory blinds are extremely efficient at helping to control the temperature making glazed structures more comfortable. They work by shielding the strong heat from the sun in the summer months and preventing heat loss in the cooler months.

Side blinds are a popular option achieving all the benefits of shading whilst leaving your conservatory open to the views.

Window blinds are a solution for those exposed to sunlight or where privacy is an issue.


Blinds can be operated manually or automatically. With manual operation, blinds can be raised and lowered by means of a pole, or by cord for more difficult to reach areas. Automatically controlled roof blinds are operated by either a simple remote control or a wall mounted panel.


French Pinoleum conservatory blinds are considered the most aesthetically attractive, they are a natural fabric that blends sympathetically with most styles and tastes. It transforms the sun's glare into a soft, dappled light and effectively controls the room temperature. French Pinoleum blinds are lightweight requiring minimum support wiring and therefore the overall look is not compromised.


Pinoleum can be painted in any colour from Vale's range of paints. This helps to coordinate colour schemes within the conservatory, turning blinds into an attractive feature.


Blinds are made to measure and fit the contours of individually designed conservatories.

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